CWMI – Predicting A Water Catastrophe 

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Topic :  GS Paper 3 - Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment

The Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) – a national tool for water measurement, management and improvement had sounded an alarm over the status of water in the country.

Released by the NITI Aayog the CWMI shows that India is facing its worst water crisis and is putting millions of live under threat.

Highlights of CWMI

  • The index notes that access to safe water is the biggest threat being faced by 600 million Indians.
  • The demand for water is expected to be two times the available supply by 2030 implicating the severe water scarcity scenario to be faced.
  • It will also lead to a loss of GDP to the tune of 6%.

The Index and Its Methodology

  • The main objective of the index is to rank states on their performance in issues related to water so that they compete to maintain their rank or improve upon it.
  • It ranks the states into two categories high performers and under-performers.
  • The index measures the states’ performance based on 9 parameters. They are:

No.              Sectors                                                                          Weights

  • Source augmentation and restoration of waterbodies 5
  • Source augmentation (Groundwater) 15
  • Major and medium irrigation—Supply side management 15
  • Watershed development—Supply side management 10
  • Participatory irrigation practices—Demand side management 10
  • Sustainable on-farm water use practices—Demand side management 10
  • Rural drinking Water 10
  • Urban water supply & sanitation 10
  • Policy and governance 15

 Total          100

Key Findings

  • As per the index, states that have managed their water resources well have seen an increase in agricultural growth rate.
  • Overall 60% of the states have improved their performance.
  • In a single year, eight states have improved their performance by 5 points.
  • The states which are low-performing are also home to 50% of the country’s population. This emphasizes the need for these states to take up action immediately to avoid a disaster.
  • Among the states Rajasthan has improved its rank drastically by gaining 9 points. It stood at 13th

Top Rankers for 2016-17 are:

  1. Gujarat
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Karnataka
  5. Maharashtra

Under-Performing States are:

  1. Odisha
  2. Bihar
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Haryana
  5. Jharkhand