International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Report-Annual Review 

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Topic :  GS Paper 3 - Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc.

According to the report, over one crore people employed in RE sector around the world.

With the countries across the globe gradually moving towards clean energy in sync with their goals under the Paris Agreement on climate change, jobs in the renewable energy sector globally crossed 10 million mark in 2017.

  • All the countries together had created over half-a-million new jobs in the sector last year, a 5.3% increase from 2016.
  • Most of the countries are making efforts to move towards low-carbon economy.
  • Six of them - China, Brazil, the United States, India, Germany and Japan - have constantly been on clean energy path with representing more than 70% of jobs globally in the renewable sector.
  • It highlights that the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry remains the largest employer of all RE technologies, accounting for close to 3.4 million jobs worldwide.
  • Biofuels, hydro-power (both small and large) and wind are the other three segments in the RE sector which employ maximum number of people across the globe.

India Related Status and Background

India has set a target of installing 175 GW of renewable power by 2022. This includes 100 GW from solar power, 60 GW from wind power, 10 GW from biomass power and 5 GW from small hydro power.

India’s cumulative solar installations stand at 19.6 GW as on December 2017. The country had added record 9.6 GW of solar power last year - over 10% of what all the countries together installed (94GW) in 2017.

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) industry created 1,64,000 jobs in India.
  • India and Bangladesh complete a top five that accounts for around 90% of global solar PV jobs.
  • The IRENA’s annual review noted that the manufacturing of solar PV modules is limited in the country.
  • According to Mercom Communications India, Karnataka and Telangana had installed the highest amounts of utility-scale solar capacity, adding roughly 2.1 GW each, in 2017.

About International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

  • The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, a centre of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy.

IRENA promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, including bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity.