Fee  :   1180 Including GST

  • Total number of tests - 12
    1. 12 Current Affairs Tests
      Comprehensive tests on current affairs based on a wide range of reference sources including The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Yojana, Kurukshetra, BBC, Science Reporter, Government Plans & Policies, Bills, Acts and Amendments, various Reports and Indices, Budget and Economic Survey, India Year Book, etc.
  • Get a Real-time Scorecard with a thorough analysis of your performance using powerful analytics
    1. Macro & Micro Performance Analysis
    2. Section-Wise/Topic-Wise Analysis
    3. Comparison with Toppers
    4. Score Card Comparison
    5. Time Management Analysis
  • Flexible schedule (No preponement)
  • Access to Daily Quiz based on current affairs
  • A monthly e-magazine for download
  • Compact e-study material – Summary of Yojana, Kurukshetra, PIB and Editorials of leading newspapers.
  • Tests are conducted in a user-friendly manner and can be taken at your convenience.
  • Explanations to the questions are provided in real time - at the click of a button.
  • You can easily check your performance in various tests at “Report Card” tab in “My Account” section.
  • Mid-way to the Test Series (after sub-sectional tests), you will start receiving detailed topic-wise comparative analysis reports in your report cards. This will help You in sorting your problem areas and making yourself ready for Prelims 2019.
  • Select Discussion video of the sectional tests will be uploaded and will be available in “My Account” section.
  • To aid in your revision you have access to attempt each test thrice.

  • A total of 12 tests with more then 1200 questions
  • As many questions at an affordable price covering whole syllabus of UPSC
  • Dynamic questions with comprehensive explanations


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