Sociology Test Series

By Ankur Aggarwal

Course Feature


1.  Development of Answer Writing Skill.

2.  Understanding your current state preparedness & required plan of action.

3.  Focus on structure & presentation of answer according to requirements of the questions.

4.  Understanding the alignment of Theory, Facts, Sociological Studies & Personal Observation of Current Socio-Economic & Political Affairs in the answer.

5.  Understanding actual requirement (Key words, Context & Content) in the different marks types questions (30 Marks, 20 Marks, 12 Marks).

6.  Understanding the type of questions to be attempted for good score (strategy & approach).

7.  Evaluation of the answer sheet in the context of demand and dynamism of the examination.

8.  Personal discussion session for in-depth explanation of answer of every question.

9.  Personal counseling session to fulfill specific competitive needs of the students.

10.  Our plan facilitates 'Demand Based Supply' & cover whole syllabus according to the dynamic pattern of Mains Examination.

11.  All Test will be based on Changing Nature and Pattern of questions being asked by UPSC and will be conducted under examination situation on weekly basis at the institutional venue.

12.  Our Test plan is supplemented by detailed suggested reading for every topic. Explanation & analysis of the test with personalized attention. Special focus would be on model answers.

13.  We will leave no stone unturned to develop your dedication, determination, sincerity and commitment to yourself & to the preparation.

14.  We guarantee you that our sincere efforts will help you to fetch good marks.


1.  Try to write the answer according to the actual requirement of the questions.

2.  Focus on Key words & Tail words effectively (Elucidate - Explain, Comment, Examine, critically examine, Discuss, Analyze, Illustrate, Review, Argue, Justify etc.)

3.  Understand the context of the questions. Content of the answer should be in the contextual framework.

4.  Ensure proper systematization of the structure of the answer. Proper consideration of priority and focus of given ideas is must.

5.  Logical structure of sentence and their alignment. Present relevant information, choice of words and proper statement.

6.  Proper visibility of idea through alignment Theory, Facts, Sociological Studies & Personal Observation of Current Socio-Economic & Political Affairs according to the requirement of the question.

7.  Impressive beginning and Conclusion of the answer. Give your opinion when asked for it. Incorporate your opinion from different perspective in a balance manner.

          Syndicate classes will be given to those students who are weak in any section.
          Detailed analysis of the questions will be done in the discussion.

Course Medium


Course Duration

3 Months

Course For

Test Series



10000 + GST