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  • Total number of tests - 35
    1. 8 Sectional Tests – Complete tests on each of the topics mentioned in Prelims Syllabus – Geography, Economy, Ecology & Environment, History, Polity, General Science
    2. 10 GS Mock Tests – Comprehensive tests based on latest UPSC trend
    3. 12 Current Affairs Tests
    4. 5 CSAT Mock Tests
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Test Schedule for Sectional Test ( 100 Question on Each Test) Below :-

Test No. Test Date Test Day Test Subjects
01 Starting on - 28th December, 2018 Friday Ancient History & Art & Culture: Test-1

Pre historic period.

  • Paleolithic,Mesolithic,Neolithic & chalcolithic period.
  • Indus valley civilization/Harappan civilisation
  • Different sites of mohenjodaro, kalibangan, lothal etc. & the different evidences found from those places.
  • Harappan town planning, their social life, Economic life, trade , stone art, Harappan script, religion, Development of pottery, Bhimbedka cave paintings etc.
  • Art & culture
  • Indian painting:- wall paintings, cave paintings, Mural paintings, Miniature paintings etc.

Vedic period(1500-600 BC)

  • Rig veda, Samveda, Yajurveda, Atharvveda, Early vedic period &later vedic period diffrence, varna- ashram system, Indian Philosphy, schools of Upanishad, Brahmanical literature, vedangs & puranas etc.
  • New philosphies like –Ajivika, Charvaka
  • Concept of Mahajanpads.

Post vedic period:- Mauryan age,kautilya arthsastra,Kalinga war,Rock edicts,Ashok Dhamma,Rock cut caves,Teracotta art,Important stupas,Pillars,

  • Post mauryan period:-Cause of Decline of Mauryans,Sungas,Kushanas&the development of Gandhara & mathura school of Art.literature,Satvahanas,Amravati school of Art.Their Economic &social life

Art & culture

  • Indian Music-Hindustani music ,carnatic music&other forms.
  • Indian Dance:-8 classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam,Manipuri,kathakali,Mohinattam etc
  • Folk dances.
  • Religious reforms-Revolt against the vedic concept & genesis of Buddhism &jainism,Hinayana ,mahayana,places associated with buddhism &jainism,symbols used &their meanings,literature,Councils,santhara
  • BHAKTI & SUFI MOVEMENT-Nirgun &sagun branch,Role of Nanak,chaitanya mahaprabhu,shankardev,Ramdas,pandharpur movement,Role of female saints,Different silsillas,

Art & culture

  • Language & literature.
  • Cultural festivals,

Art & culture

  • Types of puppetry,Folk theatres
  • Gupta period:-society,economic life,literature,Religion,Art&culture,Genesis of Bhagwatism,Nagar &Dravidian style temples,Ajanta caves.
  • POST GUPTA PERIOD:- (550-750) Harshvardhan,chalukyas&pallavas ,Their temples (e:gMahabalipuram temples,virupaksh temple,pattadakal temples etc.),Religions,
  • Post gupta period (750-100):-Tripartite struggle,Rashtrakutas,palas ,pratihars,society,literature.
  • Post gupta period(1000-1200):-Chandels,kesari dynasty,Hoysala dynasty of south India.their temple Architecture,
  • Sangam age,cholas,cheras & there Temple architecture,
  • Kalinga Architecture.

Mughal Architecture, British architecture.

02 30th December, 2018 Sunday News related to History of India & Culture covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, World Focus, PIB, & websites, etc.
03 Starting on - 04th January, 2019 Friday Indian Economy & Social Economic Development:
• National Income Accounting • GDP, GNP & its calculation along with related topics like Factor Cost, Market Price, Base Year, GDP Deflator, Net Foreign Factor, etc. • Debate between GDP & GVA -Definition, Functions and Significance • Evolution of Money, Money Supply in India and Factors Affecting It • Bank: Importance, Functions, Structure, Policy tools, Monetary Policy (CRR, SLR, OMO, Repo and Rev Repo, MSF, etc.) • Banking Reforms & other current related issues.
BUDGETING: • Budgeting process & Institutions dealing with it, The Union Budget: Components - Revenue Account, Capital Account, Deficits of the Government- Fiscal Deficit, Revenue Deficit, Effective Revenue Deficit, Primary Deficit, etc. • Capital Account & its associated terms • Public Finance - Role and Importance, Public Expenditure - Revenue and Capital, Development and Non-Development, Public Revenue - Sources of Revenue, Taxes & its classification, Direct and Indirect Taxes, Laffer Curve, Tax Expenditure, FERA, FEMA, Specific and Ad Valorem, GST, Google Tax, Surcharge, Cess, etc. and other current issues.
• Inflation: Definition, Inflationary Gap and Inflationary Process, Role of RBI in controlling Inflation, Conflict between Monetary Policy & Fiscal Policy in controlling Inflation, Urjit Patel Recommendations & MPC, Inflation Cycles: Demand Pull Inflation, Cost Push Inflation, Causes of Inflation, Inflation Targeting • Unemployment: Types of Unemployment: Structural, Seasonal, Frictional, Cyclical, Nature of Unemployment, Employment & Unemployment Indicators • Poverty-Poverty measurement e.g. Poverty Gap Ratio, NSSO survey techniques, committees related to poverty (Lakadwala committee, Rangarajan committee, Tendulkar committee, etc.), other current issues • Foreign Direct Investments, Routes of FDI, FDI in multi brand retail, Tax havens,Tobin tax, etc.
Open Economy Concepts: • Balance of Payments: Definition, Current and Capital Accounts, Convertibility, Items Included in BoP, BoP and BoT, Exchange Rate system, Currency Devaluation, Depreciation, Revaluation, etc.• International Trade and Bodies: IMF: Purpose and Objectives, Organization and Functions, Working and Evaluation, IMF and Underdeveloped Countries, SDR's, Reforms, etc., World Bank, Bilateral and Regional Cooperation Capital Markets • Basic Terms and Concepts, Equity and Debt Instruments, Primary market and Secondary markets, Stock Exchange, Different Bonds, ETF, MF, etc. & other current related issues with these topics

• Five Year Plans & Reforms of 1991 • WTO - Its need, Functions, Details of the Institution, different summits, Role of India, IPR & its related issues, Different modes of IPR • AgricultureRecent trends in Agriculture Sector • Cropping System and Pattern • Agricultural Marketing and Reforms • Agricultural Research • Animal Husbandry • PDS • Industries & Allied Sectors • Different investment models like-PPP, Viability Gap Funding, Plug & Play Model, Strategic Partnership Model, etc. • Industrial policies • Licensing • MSME • Labour Reforms • Companies Act • Insurance • Aviation • Tourism • Issues and potential of services sector • Other allied sectors & issues in current affairs related to the topic.
04 06th January, 2019 Sunday News related to Indian Economy & Socio-Economic Development covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
05 Starting on - 11st January, 2019 Friday Ecology & Environment:
• Ecology and Functions of an Ecosystem • Environment & its Components • Energy flow, Food chain, Food web, Ecological pyramid, Biogeochemical cycle, Ecological succession, etc. • Aquatic ecosystem-Lake ecology, Eutrophication, Wetland , Mangrove, Montreaux Record, Coral Reefs, Coral Bleaching, etc. • Terrestrial Ecosystem-Forest type, Indian forest type, Desertification, Grassland, etc. • Ecological succession & other current affairs related to the topic.
Pollution- Air pollution, Smog, water pollution, soil, noise, radioactive, Thermal, E waste norms, solid waste, bioremediation, etc. Renewable energy - wind, ocean, geothermal, hydro, ocean, thermal & other forms. Acidification-Acid deposition, Acid rain, Ocean acidification, etc. Environmental Impact Assessment; other environment related issues, current affairs related to topic.
BIODIVERSITY- Levels of biodiversity, Modes of conservation, botanical garden & zoo, etc. Animal biodiversity, Plant biodiversity, Marine organisms (like-plankton, phytoplankton, zoo plankton, etc.) Protected Area Network- Wildlife Sanctuary, National Park, Sacred grooves, MAB programme, Biosphere reserves, World Network of Biosphere Reserves, Biodiversity hot spots, World Heritage Sites, etc. Conservation Efforts- Project Tiger, Project Elephant, Project Snow Leopard, Vultures, Rhino, Ganges Dolphin, Project Hangul, Sea Turtle Projects & other initiatives of the government & other current issues related to topic.
CLIMATE CHANGE- Global Warming, Green House Effect, Climate Forcing, Global Emissions, etc.
Ozone depletion- its cause & effect. Mitigation Strategies- Carbon sequestration, Carbon Sink, Carbon Credit, Geo Engineering, Carbon Tax, etc. Climate Change Organisations - UNFCC, KYOTO, Bali, meet, Cancun, Durban, Doha, Warsaw, Lima, REDD, REDD++, GEF facilities & other organisation related to this.

ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANISATIONS & MEASURES: Animal Welfare Board, Central Zoo Authority, National Biodiversity Authority, WCCB, NGRBA, CAMPA, ECO MARK, TERI, National Bamboo Mission, National Clean Energy Fund, Clean Ganga Fund, etc. INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONVENTIONS: CBD, Ramsar, CITES, TRAFFIC, CMS/Bonn Convention, IUCN, UNFF, Stockholm Convention, Basel Convention, Rotterdam Convention, Nagoya Protocol, Aichi Biodiversity Targets, UNCCD, International Whaling Commission, Vienna Convention & other organisations, Acts & policies of the government, current events related to environment.
06 13rd January, 2019 Sunday News related to Indian Polity & Governance covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
07 Starting on - 18th January, 2019 Friday Indian Polity & Governance:
• Historical Background • Making of the Constitution • Salient Features of the Constitution • Preamble of the Constitution • Union and its Territory • Citizenship • Fundamental Rights • Directive Principles of State Policy • Fundamental Duties • Amendment of the Constitution • Basic Structure • Special Provisions for States • Schedule and Tribal Areas.
• Parliamentary System • Federal System • Centre-State Relations/Inter-State Relations
• Emergency Provisions • Centre and State Government • President and Vice-President
• Governor, Prime Minister/Chief Minister • Central Council of Ministers/State Council of Ministers
• Parliament and State Legislature • Cabinet Committees • Parliamentary Committees, Forums, Groups • Indian Judiciary-Supreme Court, High Courts and Subordinate Courts • Local Self Government and Municipalities.
Constitutional Bodies • UPSC • Election Commission • Finance Commission • NCSC • NCST• CAG
• Attorney General • Special officer for Linguistic Minorities, etc. • Other Constitutional Issues too like Tribunals, etc.

Non-constitutional Body • NITI Aayog • National Human Rights Commission • Central Vigilance Commission, etc. • CBI • CIC • State Human Rights Commission • State Information Commission •Important Articles related to above topics like-Political parties, Electoral reforms etc.
08 20th January, 2019 Sunday News related to General Science (Science & Technology) covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, Science Reporter, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
09 Starting on - 25th February, 2019 Friday Indian & World Geography
World – Physical Geography • Basic understanding of Earth & Solar System • Latitude and Longitude including important Parallels and Meridians, Daylight saving time, Local and Standard Time and the International Date Line • Atmosphere: Its composition, types, Adiabatic change in temperature, Temperature inversion, Concept of Air drainage • Pressure gradient, Ferrel’s Law, Coriolis force • Winds:-Planetary winds, one cell model, 3 cell model. ITCZ, Horse Latitude,Trade Winds, Westerlies, Polar Easterlies • Reason of Seasonalities • Motions of the Earth and their effects • Inclination of the Earth’s Axis and its effects • Tilt of Earth's axis • Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, Dawn & twilight • Ocean Currents • Ocean waves, Currents, Tides & Tsunamis, Temperature & Salinity distribution, Marine Resources, Factors affecting ocean currents, concept of upwelling, concept of gyres • Clouds & Precipitation:-Concept of Relative Humidity, Classification of clouds, Types of precipitation, Cloud seeding • Map work – world
• Geological time scale & Geological history of the Earth • Exogenetic & Endogenetic process, • Earth’s Interior, Plate tectonics theory-Asthenosphere, Lithosphere, Plate Boundary interactions, Palaeomagnetism, Earthquakes, Seismic waves, Tsunami, Shadow zones, Scales related to earthquakes, Distribution of earthquakes • Vulcanism-Igneous formations, Folded rocks, Extrusive igneous formations, Eruption materials, Geysers • Structure & Relief-Topography, Order of relief, Dip & Strike • Folding & Faulting: Important folds like recumbent, overthrust, etc., Effects of faulting • Map works
10 27th February, 2019 Sunday News related to Ecology & Environment, covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, Science Reporter, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
11 Starting on - 01st February, 2019 Friday Indian & World Geography
• SOILS- Factors affecting soil formation, salinization, alkanisation soil texture, Laterization, Different types of soil & their properties in detail, Different regions of India having soil type, Vegetation.
• India’s Climate: Indian Monsoon: mechanism, onset and variability; spatial and temporal variations & theories related to monsoon • Climatic Regions of India • CYCLONE: Tropical cyclone, its features, Regional names, cyclone in Indian Ocean, Temperate cyclone, Western disturbance • Himalayan and Peninsular Drainage System • Maps based question from India.

• Physical Geography of India • Himalayas, Its origin • Northern Plains. • Peninsular Plateau • Western Ghats & Eastern Ghats • Coastal Plains • Agriculture typology and major Crops grown in India
• Agro-Climatic Regions & Important crops • Land Reforms and Land use Pattern • Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Aquaculture • Water Resources- Availability and potential: Lakes, rivers, dams, power and irrigation projects, wetlands and inter-linking of river • Map work.

World Economic and Human Geography-Natural resources and mineral resources and distribution of key natural resources across the world • Agriculture and agro-climatic regions • Industry and location factors • Infrastructure • World Population, density & distribution, races & tribes, settlements & migration • Map Based Questions from World (Location of state, city, minerals, industries, etc. Indian Geography • Mineral Resources- classification and distribution • Energy Resources- conventional and non-conventional resources • Population and Growth trends - density, sex ratio, literacy, tribes and racial groups in India • Rural and Urban Settlements- types and patterns • Industries- types and their locational factors • Transport and Communication -railways, highways, inland water transport, shipping and sea-ports, air transport • Map Based Questions from India (Location of state, city, minerals, industries, etc.)
12 03rd February, 2019 Sunday News related to Geography covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, Science Reporter, World Focus, PIB, & websites etc.
13 Starting on - 08th February, 2019 Friday Modern India & Medieval History
Medieval History • Early Medieval History of India. • Sultanate Period. • Delhi Sultanate • Vijaynagar & other kingdoms. • Mughal Period & Rise of Marathas • Salient features of religious, social & economic aspects of medieval period.
• India in the late 18th century: Struggle among the Europeans (E.g. Treaty of Aixa- la-chapelle, Battle of Ambur, Treaty of Paris, Battle of Wandiwash, etc.) • British administrative structure (Charter Act, Regulating Acts, Pitt’s India Act, Reforms, etc. • Indian Kingdom in 18th century. • British policy of Doctrine of Lapse, Subsidiary Alliance, etc. • Education Policy & Social Policy of British India. • Socio- religious reform movements in 19th & 20th century(E.g. Arya Samaj, Brahmo Samaj, Syed Ahmad Khan, Ramakrishna Mission, etc.)
• Freedom Struggle- Revolt of 1857 & its consequences • Changes in Indian Administration after 1858 - GoI Act 1858, Councils Act, 1861, 1892 • Formation of Indian National Congress • Moderate Phase (1885 – 1905) • Extremist Phase(1905-1917), Partition of Bengal, Revolutionary movements by the member of Anushilan Samiti & other • Morley-Minto Reforms of 1909 • Lucknow Pact (1916)
Gandhian era up to 1935 • Home Rule Movement • Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms • Khilafat Movement & Non-cooperation Movement • Revolutionary Movement • Simon Commission • Nehru Report (1928) • Lahore Session • Civil Disobedience Movement & Role of Khudai Khidmatgars • Round Table Conferences • Government of India Act, 1935
Gandhian Era from 1935 to 1947 • Provincial Election of 1937 & Role of Ambedkar • Difference between the lives of people in princely states & the provinces ruled by the British • The August Offer 1940 • Individual Satyagraha 1940-41 • The Quit India Movement, I942 • Rajaji Formula • Shimla Conference & Wavell Plan • Election of 1945 • INA Mutiny • Constituent Assembly • Act of 1947-India’s Independence • Miscellaneous topics • Tribal Movements • Role of FICCI • Role of women • Books written by different leaders & their impacts.
14 10th February, 2019 Sunday News related to International Events covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, Science Reporter, World Focus, PIB, & websites etc.
15 Starting on - 15th February, 2019 Friday General Science (SC & Tech) Test-1
• Biotechnology • Energy • Recent Advancement in Science & Technology • General Biology - Introduction • Cell Biology • Origin & Evolution of life • Life processes - Nutrition, Respiration, Muscle movement, Skeletal system, Circulatory System, Excretion • Plant Biology, etc.
Space technology - History of space technology in India, Need of a Satellite, How a satellite works,Different components of Satellite, ISRO in detail, Launch Vehicle types, Propulsion Systems & Strap Motors, Cryogenic Rockets, Reusable technology & launch vehicle, Different satellite orbits as GTO, LEO,MEO, GEO; International Space Station, VSAT, Telemedicine, INSAT and its applications, Remote Sensing Satellites and their applications, Future programmes of India Like Aditya L1 Mission. Tele education DTH International collaborations • Current programmes of ISRO, NASA etc.
Telecommunication - • What are analog and digital signals, Multiplexing Optical Fibre System & concept of critical angle • GSM and CDMA Technology, Wi-Fi, Wimax, Bluetooth, WiBro, WAP, GPRS • What are Broadband and its uses • TRAI, Spectrum Allocation • General Physics - • Heat • Sound • Optics • Electricity and Magnetism • Atomic and Nuclear Physics etc.
Defence related Topics • About DRDO, Different missiles like Brahmos, Agni, Nag, etc. • Stealth technology & Radar • Difference between Ballistic and Cruise missile • Mach speed • India's Missile Programme
General Chemistry • Matters and its Nature • Chemical Reactions and Equations • Structure of the Atom • Periodic classification of elements, etc.

Nanotechnology - • Concept of nanotechnology • Need of nanotechnology • Applications of nanotechnology in medicine, physics, space, etc. • Initiatives by different companies • Drawbacks • International cooperation • Electronics • Concept related to LED and OLED, Plasma, LCD, CFL, CRT, Lasers, Superconductors • Science and Technology applications in day to day life - what causes a Rainbow? • Dispersion in nature, Spectrum, Total Internal Reflection, Refraction and Concepts like why the sky is blue in colour? Why does the sun appear Red during sunrise and sunset? Why do stars twinkle? What is a Pole Star? Where/which direction it is visible also needed. • Surface tension and capillary actions • Phenomenon related to heat and light • Other miscellaneous topics.

Test Schedule for MOCK TEST Below :-

Test No. Date Day
Paper-I (GS) Test No. Paper-II (CSAT)
1 24th March, 2019 Sunday
News related to Plan & Policies, Bills & Acts and their amendments covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
2 29th March, 2019 Friday
Mock-1 3 Mock-1 (CSAT)
4 05th April, 2019 Friday
Mock-2 5 Mock-2 (CSAT)
6 12nd April, 2019 Friday
Mock-3 7 Mock-3 (CSAT)
7 14th April, 2019 Sunday
News related to Plan & Policies, Bills & Acts and their amendments covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
9 19th April, 2019 Friday
Mock-4 10 Mock-4 (CSAT)
11 26th April, 2019 Friday
Mock-5 12 Mock-5 (CSAT)
13 28th April, 2019 Sunday
News related to Plan & Policies, Bills & Acts and their amendments covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
14 03rd May, 2019 Friday
Mock-6 15 Mock-7 (GS)
16 10th May, 2019 Friday
Mock-8 17 Mock-9 (GS)
18 12nd May, 2019 Sunday
News related to Plan & Policies, Bills & Acts and their amendments covering Yojana, Kurukshetra, World Focus, PIB, & various websites, etc.
19 17th May, 2019 Friday
20 19th May, 2019 Sunday
Composite Test from All Above Sections ( Note: Specially from last 6 months’ news before 19th May)

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