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In last few years, Civil Services Examination pattern – both Preliminary and Main examination – has undergone tremendous changes. It was believed that with the change in Main examination pattern General Studies will gain importance as it consists of 1000 marks out of 1750. But the toppers’ Main score tells us different story. After analyzing the toppers’ score we found out that it is the score of the Optional paper that helped them finding a place in the final list. Hence, we can say that choosing a right optional is crucial to get good marks in Main examination.


Choosing a high and low-scoring IAS Optional subjects is one of the most contested topics among the UPSC aspirants. Students believe that certain IAS Optional subjects are scoring than others. But choosing Optional Papers should not be based on whether it is scoring or not. Rather it should be based on your familiarity with the subject, interest, availability of study material and guidance. You must know that UPSC does not decide from which subject it would select most number of students; it is students’ score, which they get based on the command over their optional subject they choose for Mains.


As the approach of UPSC is slightly different from your academic studies, before choosing the optional you need to do a careful analysis of syllabus, previous years’ papers, your caliber, requirement of subject (Visionary, Numerical, Theoretical), comfort level with the subject and past trends should be done. A wrong decision may prove to be disastrous hence you should be careful while choosing your Optional. At Chronicle IAS Academy, our mentors and counselors extend their expertise in suggesting students which optional they should opt for Civil Services Main Examination.


Based on the demands of the students Chronicle IAS Academy is currently providing coaching in four UPSC Optional Papers. They are History, Geography, Sociology and Public Administration.


Our subject-experts begin the Civil Services Optional Subject with basics keeping in mind the understanding level of students, who have no academic background with the subject. Once the students are well conversant with the terms and terminologies and basics of the subject they move forward.


With the change in Civil Services Examination pattern, the trend of questions in Main also changed. Now-a-days, questions of IAS Optional Subjects become more application based interlinked with current issues. To address this issue our subject-experts while dealing with each topic of IAS Optional Papers they not only interlink it with current issue but also teach you how to intertwine both the optional papers (Paper I and II).


Besides, our R&D team prepares the best study material for IAS Optional Papers so that students don’t have to look for different text books, websites, journals, etc. This not only saves students’ time but also helps in revising the same study material ten times rather than going for ten books once.


We also conduct test series to find out students’ readiness for the examination. This also helps the student in rectifying one’s weakness before the actual examination takes place.



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