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Sociology Optional For IAS


Optional subject has been playing an important role in determining the chances of success of a student in Civil Services Examination. Selecting a right optional for IAS Mains thus becomes necessary for gaining success. Sociology for IAS Mains has always been among the preferred choices of candidates as optional. With the change in the pattern of Mains Exam, the role of Sociology has further increased. It plays a significant role is GS papers for answering questions related to social issues and it gives new dimension in ethics and integrity questions in GS paper IV. This optional subject also helps in writing Essay paper, where few essay topics are related to social issues and in interview, there are many questions asked from various social issues which are easy for a sociology student to deal with.


Sociology as subject is interdisciplinary in nature. It studies all aspects of social system ranging from political, economic to religious, caste, family institution etc. with sociological perspective which applies different approach in his study of social reality from other branches of study. Thus understanding the basic sociological theories and concepts is essential in preparation of UPSC Mains. Since in the last few years there is changing trend in Sociology questions where UPSC tests candidates understanding of subject with the current events like Live-in relationships, IMR rate among females, OBC, MGNREGA etc. for this one cannot simply rely on books there is need of proper guidance in preparation.


There is no dearth of Sociology coaching in Delh i but selecting the right kind of coaching is required to ensure success. Such guidance is provided by Chronicle IAS Academy, where subject-experts would guide the students in right direction. Mentors in Chronicle IAS Academy lay strong foundation in understanding the subject of sociology and teach Sociological theories in depth along with this they incorporate current events in their coaching in order to familiarize students to develop sociological perspective on happenings around the world for writing good answers in mains.


Comprehensive study material would be provided by Chronicle IAS Academy prepared by R&D team. These study material not only limit students’ search for books from different sources but also save time which they can devote to study.


Chronicle IAS Academy conducts Test series - both section wise and Comprehensive Mock tests - for Sociology optional to evaluate students understanding ability and writing skills. Individual guidance is provided after evaluation to address student’s weakness in answer writing and guide them in proper manner before the real test of UPSC mains examination.


Sociology as an optional subject is becoming familiar and scoring subject in mains examination in recent times since it provides minimum guarantee to clear mains examination for those who has better clarity over subject. We in Chronicle IAS Academy provide the essential guidance in Sociology optional to Civil service aspirants to cross the finishing line with ease.



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