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IAS 100

History Optional For IAS

History Optional Test series 2016


History as an Optional Subject in Civil Services Main has played a significant role in placing a candidate in the final list. With changed pattern of examination and enriched syllabus in General Studies mains paper this subject is gaining more importance in the recent times especially after 2013 Mains with questions not only from freedom struggle for independence alone as done in previous years but also from post-modern India and World History as well with updated General Studies Paper I syllabus.


This optional was once popular subject among UPSC aspirants but it got degraded in later years. In recent times the subject is becoming popular again with the changed Mains examination pattern. In UPSC, trend of questions based on History has changed from age old facts and figures to analytical aspect, be it in Prelim, GS Mains and History optional for that matter. UPSC is more interested in testing the candidate based upon their complete understanding of subject and not on the basis of memorizing the facts and figures of historical happenings. In 2014 GS paper I Questions like Indus Valley Civilisation input to modern urban planning, why empire shaking battles fought at Panipat and in optional questions like agricultural economy from 750 to 1200 CE, Europe was eclipsed through two world wars etc. demands high standard of understanding and good quality analysis to write good answers.


Typical analysis and different interpretation of historical happenings needs proper guidance and quality mentors to guide UPSC aspirants with History as Optional Paper. At Chronicle IAS Academy we provide you such guidance and quality teaching along with well researched study material. Our experienced mentors teach students according to the demand of UPSC syllabus and changing trends of questions in mains to score good marks in mains examination. Through flow charts our subject-experts help aspirants in remembering the chronology of events.


We also provide quality Study material is based on the demands of UPSC syllabus and recent question trend to improve students understanding of Subject in holistic manner. Test series is also conducted to evaluate students’ understanding ability and writing skill. Individual guidance is also provided after evaluation to address their weakness and enrich their strength to perform better in the real evaluation process of UPSC mains examination. If you want to take History as Optional for Main, you need be dedicated, hard working and focused.



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