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IAS 100
IAS 100

History Optional Test series 2017

Medium : English (Admission Close)
R 9,000 + GST
R 10,000 + GST
Classroom ( For Delhi & Noida )
R 10,000 + GST

What is expected by UPSC vis-a-vis History optional?

  1. Holistic understanding and knowledge of the Subject i.e. topics mentioned in the syllabus
  2. Critical analytical mind; judged through unique and fresh questions
  3. Good comprehending ability
  4. Good communication/writing skill
  5. Disciplined writing i.e. pin pointed, quality answer in the limited time and space.

Why Test Series?

In order to meet the expectation of UPSC and score good marks in the optional a student must have adequate knowledge of the subject and must have the ability to perform in the exam. Fetching of good marks solely depends upon one's performance and practice enhances the performance. Practice under the guidance of a professional enhances the performance in minimum possible time.

Why Test Series with Sanjay Singh @ Chronicle IAS?

  1. Exam Focused Approach; Anticipated topics and questions for the 2017 mains examination.
  2. Interactive and exhaustive discussion; Multiple interpretation and perspective will be discussed
  3. Developmental inter-connections and linkages i.e. integrated approach
  4. Different interpretation of historical happenings and concepts;views of contemporary scholars
  5. Flagging important concepts, facts or information having multiple use. For instance understanding the term nationalism, its types and stages helps in answering questions of modern India and modern world as well. It helps in answering quality answer like que 1(c) of paper-II for the year 2014 where the word nationalist and proto-nationalist has been used in the question. Similarly the conceptual clarity regarding the terms like representative government, responsible government, dual rule, diarchy etc., helps in writing quality answers for the questions asked in 2014.
  6. Almost every answer in the Main Examination requires facts / information without which the answer becomes a story and very generalized.New researched information otherwise not available in the books referred by students will also be shared eg. data on opium trade from India during British rule and the reasons for its rising trend in 19th century etc.

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TEST SCHEDULE for CSE Mains : History Optional TEST SERIES

Test No. Date of Test Section Covered Topics Covered
TEST-1 Available Paper- II Modern India; All units

Modern India

TEST-2 Available Paper - I Ancient India; All units

Ancient India

TEST-3 Available Paper - I Medieval India; All units

Medieval India

TEST-4 Available Paper - II World History; All units

World History

TEST-5 Available Paper - II Modern India and post Independence period

Modern India and post Independence period

TEST-6 Available Map Work
[Morning Session: 9 AM to 12 PM]
Complete Syllabus of Paper I
TEST-7 Available Full Length Mock Test - I
[Morning Session: 9 AM to 12 PM]
Complete Syllabus of Paper I
TEST-8 24th September Full Length Mock Test - II
[Morning Session: 9 AM to 12 PM]
Complete Syllabus of Paper II
TEST-9 01st October Full Length Mock Test - III
[Morning Session: 9 AM to 12 PM]
Complete Syllabus of Paper I
TEST-10 08th October Full Length Mock Test - IV
[Morning Session: 9 AM to 12 PM]
Complete Syllabus of Paper II