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IAS 100
IAS 100

Writing Skills

In a competitive examination like Civil Services Examination effective answer writing plays a major role in finding a place in the final list. Amongst the three stages of civil services recruitment, Mains examination carries more weightage. Unlike Prelims it is subjective in nature. So, in order to get good marks one has to develop good writing skill as it helps in presenting better answer.


There may be two candidates with similar IQ (intelligence quotient) and followed same study material but scores differently in the examination because of their effective way of presentation of answers. Hence, in order to score good marks in the IAS Mains one must have effective writing skill with strong foundation of basic knowledge.


A skill is something which one can acquire through practice accompanied with proper guidance from experts to master the art. At Chronicle IAS Academy (CIA) our experts guide students on how to write effective answer under writing skill improvement programme. Our mentors while evaluating your answers or Essays personally let each student know his/her weaknesses and strengths. After knowing the weaknesses the student works upon them and finally develops an effective answer presentation style. Besides we also guide our students how to write good answer or Essay in limited time and prescribed word limit.


UPSC evaluates candidates based on their understanding ability and expressing their opinion through coherent writing and systematic presentation. Hence at CIA our mentors teach how to sequence your thoughts and present them coherently within prescribed word limit in order to attempt all questions in question paper along with this they also provide guidance for enriching your answer with Diagrams, flow charts, table, graph; and make you understand the meaning of specific words that UPSC uses like examine, analyse, elucidate, discuss, critically examine, critically analyse, critically evaluate, assess, amplify, etc. Each word has different meaning, based on the meaning you have to present your answer.


There is no short cut to hard-work. One cannot improve one’s writing skill, sequencing of thought in the examination hall until one is ready to put sincere effort over a considerable period of time. And without good and effective answer presentation skill it becomes a stupendous task to get through the Main examination. Hence, if you sincerely want to find a place in the final list, besides good knowledge base you must have good answer presentation skill.



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