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IAS 100


Most crucial and determining element in the year long selection process of Civil Services Examination is Personality Test (popularly known as ‘interview’). It is the last hurdle one need to crossover to get his name listed in UPSC merit list and join the elite Indian bureaucratic system. UPSC Interview process is very different from other interview selection process held in various organizations. Here in UPSC, Civil Services candidates are tested not only on the basis of knowledge but also on their whole personality and characterization. In front of the UPSC Board members it is not about what you answer, it’s all about how you approach the questions. According to the UPSC notification, “it is test which is intended to judge mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgement, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity.” Hence, UPSC Interview is all together a different ball game.


One cannot take Personality Test lightly, because the score in this determines whether candidate is in or out of the race of Civil Services Examination. The mark-sheets of previous years’ selected candidates reveal that most of the candidates scored above 200 marks in the IAS interview. So, candidates need thorough preparation before facing the UPSC Board.


You should not feel that you will start your preparation for the Personality Test after qualifying the Written Test. Since, it is a test of candidate’s personality it cannot be groomed in a single day, it’s a process. Hence, your preparation for the Personality Test should go along with the preliminary and mains preparation.


But, IAS interview preparation is totally different from the preparation of preliminary and main examination. One cannot assess one’s own personality (always we see only positives of ourselves not the negative) hence, one needs experts’ opinion on the strength and weaknesses of one’s personality. In order to fulfill this demand, we at Chronicle IAS Academy provide such expert guidance to students so that they clear this last hurdle of the toughest examination in India.


In Chronicle IAS Academy, we conduct personality grooming session followed by mock sessions for Main qualified candidates. Our interview panel, which constitutes of eminent former bureaucrats and various professional experts, after conducting the mock interview, provides feedback to each candidate. These feedbacks not only help the students to come over their weaknesses but also strengthen the positive aspects of their personality.


We, through our customized and personalised guidance for Personality Test, ensure that the candidate approaches the Board confidently and successfully.


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