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A strong foundation is required to build a skyscraper. Similarly, while preparing for Civil Services Examination a student needs conceptual clarity on each topic of IAS General Studies (Main) papers. A good conceptual clarity of topics or issues helps a student to successfully attempt analysis based questions of both Prelims and Main. To address this issue Chronicle IAS Academy offers GS Foundation course.


Our GS Foundation course is based on three-tier teaching methodology. First is ‘concept building’. In this stage our mentors ensure of building a strong foundation through clarifying the basic concepts, related to each subjects of UPSC General Studies Paper (Prelims and Main). Because, the new pattern Civil Services Examination demands conceptual clarity with analytical skill. One can analyse an issue only if he/she has good command over the basic concepts of that issue. Hence, at the first stage, we emphasise on concept building. Then we move towards the second-tier.


In the second-tier, our mentors’ approach to the syllabus is mainly analytical and descriptive. In other words, in this tier our mentors not only teach the analytical aspect of each topics of IAS General Studies syllabus but also help in developing analytical skill among the students. This helps the student to successfully appear the analytical questions in the examination. It also helps the students to write opinion based questions in the Main examination. Besides, while dealing with the theoretical aspect of each topic our mentors also teach the application aspect of that topic updating with current affairs. This not only gives a holistic view of each topic but also make student learn how to use current affairs in their answers.


The last tier of this three-tier classroom programme constitutes of revisions, doubt-clear sessions and classroom tests. Through classroom tests we test student’s answer writing style and skill of interlinking of issues. Every student has different level of understanding and different writing style. So whosoever fell short of meeting the demands of a successful candidate, at this stage we fulfil those demands after identifying the weaknesses through classroom test. We can also say that in this tier we basically check our students’ preparation level and their readiness for the examination.


In short, we would say that our GS Foundation course is designed as a 3600 teaching methodology. Through this course we prepare our students for getting a rank in the final list, not only by providing classroom teaching but also by quality study material. Our content and research team prepare the best study material for UPSC General Studies and integrate each topic with current affairs to fulfil the demands of Civil Services General Studies (Prelim and Main) Papers.


Our GS Foundation Course is specially designed for freshers or first-timer. It guides civil services aspirants right from prelims to interview.


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