Digital India Programme for digital empowerment

By | July 4, 2015

Moving ahead on for the next big idea, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July, Wednesday launched ‘ Digital India Week’ under government’s agenda of Digital India Programme.

Addressing 10s of thousands of guests including top business leaders from nation in New Delhi he said that Initiative is to focuses predominantly to guarantee that government services are made available to its citizens electronically.

It is proposed that high speed internet network facility will be made available to the rural areas, to enrich and empower people with digital literacy.

Government ministries and departments that fall under this scheme are:-

E-Education;- All schools will be connected with broadband and will have free WI–Fi enabled premises.

E-Healthcare:-Online medical consultation and report.

E-agriculture:-Facilitate farmers to have real-time price information online cash, loan and relief payment with mobile banking.

IT &cyber security:-national cyber security co-ordination center would be set up to ensure safe and secure cyber space within the country.

Judiciary & justice:-Interoperable criminal justice system would be implemented.

Banking and Finance:-financial inclusion, strengthen mobile banking, micro ATM programme.

Flagship project amongst all is to reconstruct the structure of the National Informatics Centre (the network infrastructure and e-governance support to India’s central government and state governments).

Out of GoI’s proposed Collective Investment of Rs 4.5 lakh crore for the project Reliance Group Invests Rs. 10000 Crores on Digital India Initiatives.

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