Mains Test Series 2015 Performance Analysis

We, at Chronicle IAS Academy, are extremely happy to inform you that, once again we have done what seems impossible. This year, in UPSC Mains 2015, also Chronicle Mains Test Series have been able to predict the pattern and the likely topics for questions in the UPSC Civil Services Mains examination. Such was the standard… Read More »


Once a student decides to prepare for civil services, the first question that comes to his/her minds is: Is coaching necessary to clear civil services examination? The answer could either be no or yes. The answer depends on the individual. If you are new to this field then taking coaching would definitely help you. Coaching… Read More »

Digital India Programme for digital empowerment

Moving ahead on for the next big idea, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July, Wednesday launched ‘ Digital India Week’ under government’s agenda of Digital India Programme. Addressing 10s of thousands of guests including top business leaders from nation in New Delhi he said that Initiative is to focuses predominantly to guarantee that government… Read More »

Prelims GS How To Prepare

Now-a-days, you can’t differentiate much between general studies paper of prelims and of mains except from the fact that in mains you have to write answers while in prelims you have to select one. So, you need to prepare a strategy for prelims GS as rigorous as you do for mains. So, a few things… Read More »

Comparative Study of Marks in GS and Optionals in IAS 2013

Civil Services (Main) Examination result is already released by the Union Public Service Commission. Recently, it has also released category-wise cut-off marks of each stage of examination – Prelims, Mains and Interview. Since last year, it is disclosing the cut-off marks for Prelims. Besides releasing the cut-off marks for each stage, the UPSC in its… Read More »

Values and Ethics in Private Institutions

A Case study of Tata Companies ‘Corporate Values’ may be broadly defined as that set of declared beliefs, which indicate the intended character of the enterprise. Some of these values in respect of TATA Steel are as follows: 1. Trusteeship 2. Respect for the individual 3. Integrity 4. Credibility 5. Excellence Unlike the western companies,… Read More »

Case Study – 3

A citizen cannot seek disclosure of the evaluated Answer-Sheets under RTI Act, 2005 A candidate dissatisfied with his performance at the examination conducted by National Board of Examination, New Delhi, approached to the Public Information Office of the said examining body. The PIO refused his request of showing his evaluated answer-sheets quoting the provision of… Read More »

Case Study – 2

A police constable was remaining continuously absent from duty on grounds of health. The Superintendent of Police directed him to appear before a medical board to verify whether the constable is really sick. The constable did not appear before the medical board as per direction of Superintendent of Police. It was also found that the… Read More »