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IAS 100
IAS 100

Teaching Methodology

Every year more than 5 lakh candidates appear for Civil Services Examination but only 1000-1100 students figure in the final list. To be in this elite final list one must know how to prepare for civil services. To address this question some students analyse the question pattern and their mistakes then restrategise their preparation. There are a large chunk of students who opt for mentors/experts who guide them and give tips on how to prepare for IAS examination. Chronicle IAS Academy, which has a record of comparatively one of the highest selection every year, is one such institution that provides guidance to IAS aspirants through its three-tier teaching methodology, reliable and well researched study material and personalized attention.


Three-tier Teaching Methodology

The first tier of this three tier teaching methodology of Chronicle IAS Academy is How to start IAS preparation. In this stage our mentors/experts will help you in laying a strong foundation through teaching basic concept of each and every area of civil services examination syllabus. Because the new pattern of Civil Services Examination demands fundamental clarity on each and every topic. Once this foundation is laid then it is the time to build a strong building over it.


It means in the second stage our experts move from basics to advance level of teaching which is mainly descriptive and analytical. In other words, in this stage they not only give you IAS preparation guidance but also help you how to crack IAS, the hard nut smoothly. Here our faculty members teach each topic from different perspectives, so that student can answer any kind of question from that topic. Besides, this also helps the student in developing their own opinion on that issue.


In the third stage our mentors/experts conduct a 3600 testing and evaluation to find out students’ level of preparation and their readiness for the Civil Services Examination.


These three tiers of our teaching methodology are interrelated stages catering to the students’ need to qualify not only in the prelims but also to get good score in Mains Examination and developing a analytical bent of mind for the Personality Test which enables you finally to crack this IAS examination.


Best study material

When we are talking about cracking IAS, besides good mentor students need well researched, relevant reference study material. That’s why we offer extensively researched good quality study materials, catering to the changing syllabus and UPSC exam pattern, to our students. Our dedicated content development team prepares this study material to meet the demands of Civil Services Examination.


Personalized Attention

We recognize that every student has different level of understanding. Some students come from engineering and other technical backgrounds, some from humanities and some from science etc, almost knowing a little about how to crack IAS . The goal is common for each of them that how to start preparation. Hence, keeping the needs of each student we have devised our three-tier teaching methodology. Through this methodology we not only improve the skill set of the students but also guide them how to crack IAS with those skill sets. Moreover, IAS preparation tips from bureaucrats and successful candidates at Chronicle IAS Academy puts an aspirant steps ahead in preparing for civil services.